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Stretching across Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, the Ozark Mountain Region hosts a number of historical and naturalistic opportunities for education and exploration. The region is especially popular for individuals who want an athletic experience in a natural environment.



When visiting the mountains, it seems logical to consider the hiking trails available. The Ozarks provide a variety of trails suitable for all ages and abilities. From short, flat trails to more challenging and time-consuming ones, the Ozarks can take visitors anywhere from state parks and national parks to conservation areas. No matter where the trails take you, the landscapes surrounding you are sure to be spectacular.


Canoeing, Kayaking & Floating

The many rivers that run through this mountain region provide ample opportunities to take a boat ride. The Buffalo River, White River, and Crooked Creek offer great paths to canoe and kayak down. For those who want a more relaxing experience, there are other rivers that are more gentle and require less effort to traverse. Riding down a river in a boat is not just a summer activity; though the water can certainly drop in temperature, the scenery around the rivers is stunning all year round.


Fishing Trips

Trout fishing is notably popular in this region. Whether you’ve gone fishing for trout before or want to give it a try, the region presents opportunities for individuals of all experience levels. You can head out on your own or hire a professional to help you identify ideal locations and best practices. Many areas in this region host cool-water habitats, meaning they are ideal for fishing trips no matter what time of year. In addition to trout, you can also fish for bass and striper. 


Waterfall Tours

Most notable in spring and winter, the waterfalls of the Ozark region are truly something to behold. Most waterfalls require a bit of a trek, but they are certainly worth the trip. Some waterfalls, however, are accessible by car. Twin Falls is perhaps the most famous of the bunch, and it is also one of the most demanding to reach. Another incredible waterfall is Lost Valley which is unique because the 35-foot waterfall is found underground.


The Ozark Mountain Range provides a number of exciting opportunities. Be prepared for a challenging but rewarding time when you come to visit.