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The term for this year’s COVID-19 pandemic is social distancing, and what better way to social distance than by going camping. As the months have gone by, more and more campsites and nature trails have begun to open, but before you head out, here are a few tips to keep in mind amidst the pandemic.

Keep it Small

Although most campsites have opened, there are still strict guidelines regarding the number of people who can be within that space. State by state rules vary, but the average amount of people allowed in one area is ten or less; however, it is highly recommended to keep it as small as you can. Only camp if either you’re going to be alone or if those living within your home are going to accompany you.

Avoid Food Sharing

Camping is all about the snacks. These may include chips, dips, and a bowl of nuts. However, with the virus being able to live on the surface for up to three hours, it is best to avoid these types of foods. In addition, you should attempt to avoid having too many people touch the food as this can also quickly spread the virus. Now, if you think that because you’re outdoors, the sun will take care of it, that is false. Although scientists are still learning about it he virus, there is no proof that sunlight can kill the virus faster.

Avoid Close-Contact Play

If you have a large enough space within your campsite, you may want to have a quick game of football with some friends or other camp goers. I know this next one is a bummer, but you should not participate in any contact sports. These would include basketball, football, and soccer, to name a few.

Restroom Procedure

One of the few things that you’re going to see within campsites are closed bathrooms. Bathrooms are a haven for the virus as there are multiple surfaces that are touched frequently along with the moisture in the air, which carries the virus for hours or even days. Instead, make sure you bring along enough toilet paper if nature calls or utilize your RV bathroom if readily available.