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There are, unfortunately, a number of persisting myths out there about traveling. These common myths affect the way people vacation and travel for business. 

Here are the top travel myths, debunked.

Some travelers are under the mistaken impression that it is easier to upgrade their airline seats when they don’t choose one prior to boarding. However, this is not at all true. When an airline opens its seating chart up, the best ones are taken no more than two days later. Those who fail to choose a seat in time will find that upgrading to a better seat is difficult to do. Airlines upgrade seats for their best customers, as well as any who the airline has inconvenienced. Travelers have long believed the myth that if they don’t choose a specific seat in advance they will be able to get a better one when they board.

Another common myth is that travelers should avoid tourist destinations at all costs. The truth is that avoiding these destinations deprives travelers of the experiences that can make their vacation an unforgettable one. Iconic landmarks are often skipped by travelers because they have been led to believe they shouldn’t go there.

An even more common myth that the majority of travelers believe is that it is never advisable to visit a country with a government travel warning placed on it. In most cases, the travel warning simply alerts people to the fact that they should take extra care to remain safe in certain countries. Anyone who has a desire to travel the world will punish themselves if they listen to these warnings. Instead, travelers should remain vigilant wherever they go.

Many travelers believe that there is a right time and a wrong time to purchase airfare for an upcoming vacation. The truth is that there is a right time and a wrong time to travel, but this rarely, if ever, applies to purchasing airfare. Certain months are less expensive to travel than others, and this is often the only way travelers can save money on their airfare costs.

Believing these myths does a disservice to anyone who enjoys traveling. They can prevent people from seeing the world and having experiences they will cherish.