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If you’re looking to plan your family vacation or travel abroad solo, now is the time to do so. Right now, trips to different cities around the world are unusually inexpensive and should be taken advantage of during the new year before travel prices begin to increase. Keep in mind, traveling to any country outside the US can be expensive no matter the time of year, but at this time, in particular, you will spend a little less when traveling abroad. Here are a few of those cities you should take a look at for your next vacation.

Spain and Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal is starting to gain notice and see a rise in tourism throughout the year. The pleasant weather this city has is undoubtedly a large part of this as well as the beautiful hilltop vistas and colonialist history. Seville, Spain is another destination becoming more and more popular among tourists. Seville offers scenic views and delicious local flavor along with the Catedral de Seville and La Giralda tower.

Shanghai and Japan
Kyoto, Japan serves as one of the largest cities within Japan that is widely known for having been able to maintain the look and feel from the past. The Nijo Castle and Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine are two prominent destinations for anyone visiting this city. Shanghai is best visited during the winter months, rather than June or July. Shanghai has an abundance of attractions to see while visiting the city, including the Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Garden, and the Shanghai Museum.

Denmark and Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark has become a hot spot for tourism over the years. Right now, it costs less to visit Copenhagen during the colder months of January rather than the busy summer months. The same goes for Hamburg, Germany where you will see beautiful art galleries, old historic buildings, and St. Michael’s Church.  

One of the tricks to finding cheaper travel destinations is doing your research.  December and January have become less expensive months for most destinations because they are usually the less traveled during the year. This knowledge will be beneficial in planning out vacations or even taking an impromptu trip. Certain times of the year are vastly different from others depending on the location you choose, which will grant you an affordable travel experience for yourself and your travel companions.