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Living the Dolce Vita is a dream for many. Whether the idea of sipping Chianti in Tuscany is the goal or exploring the ancient ruins in Rome, traveling to Italy doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Read on and learn how to travel to Italy on a budget.


Plane Tickets

Flying internationally is no longer only for the rich. Now, there are a lot of low-cost transcontinental flights to Italy. In fact, Norwegian Airlines offers round-trips tickets for under $400, if booked at the right time. There are also a lot of websites where travelers can score inexpensive tickets to Italy. Cheapo Air gives travelers a variety of airlines to choose from, all with different travel dates and seating choices.


Eating and Drinking

By far, Italy is probably one of the most affordable countries to eat and drink in. One way to stretch a euro is to venture outside the tourist districts, regardless of locale. For instance, instead of eating in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, veer off on a side street and guaranteed the meal with be about 50 percent cheaper. It will also taste 100 percent better. Another tip to keep in mind is that the further south one goes, the cheaper things get. For example, an entire pizza and drink will cost under $10.



Instead of spending hundreds a night to stay in front of Duomo, check out the numerous listings on bed and breakfasts Italy has to offer. Most are under $100 a night and even include a traditional Italian breakfast. Visit a local online publication like Wanted in Rome or Wanted in Milan to find low-cost lodging in these two major cities.


Travel in Italy

Traveling by train is easy in Italy. It’s also a lot less expensive than in most other places. A train ticket from Rome to Naples is about 15 to 20. Using the subway costs 35 for the month, which leaves plenty of money to enjoy an aperitif.


Traveling to Italy doesn’t need to break the bank. What is does take is a little research and a plan. Most importantly, it takes patience and the desire to live the Dolce Vita.