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TED Talks are one of the best ways to spread ideas in the internet age. The acronym stands for technology, entertainment and design. These talks are known for presenting likable ideas in an interesting, easy to digest way. One of the best ways to find inspiration or motivation is by watching TED Talks. For people who love travel, there are many great TED Talks that deal with this topic.

A great example of this is Pico Iyer’s talk about living abroad. As the world becomes smaller and more interconnected, fewer people live all of their lives in one country. As someone who feels he has many homes and places where he’s “from,” Iyer is a great person to speak about this phenomenon. His insights are helpful for anyone who has left part of their heart in a country that isn’t theirs by citizenship.

Ben Saunders is known for two different TED Talks. The first one was famous due to the extreme topic it covered: Saunders skiied to the North Pole by himself. He was the youngest person ever to accomplish that feat. Since then, he’s done a second talk. It’s much less specific, but it does encourage everyone to explore the natural world more. In many ways, today’s population is more sedentary than ever before, and that’s tragic given the great outdoors accessible to us all.

Rick Steves is one of the most famous travelers in the world, with many books and television shows under his belt. For decades, he’s been spending about a third of the year away from home. His TED Talk touches on communities around the world and the lessons he’s learned from them. Steves also explains how travel has helped him to become a more well-rounded and less timid person. Travel has taught him not to be afraid.

Finally, Colin Wright has a more extreme and unplanned approach to travel. This young businessman moves three times a year based on the wishes of his online followers. Wright is a minimalist and travels light, not luxuriously. He is always experimenting with ways to change his perspective and make his life better. One of his goals is for people to be more interconnected and informed, no matter where they’re from.