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Planning future travel provides something to focus on until you are able to take a trip, and one of the best ways to do that is through travel blogs. Over the years top travel blogs have grown in popularity, featuring travel destinations that glossy magazines pass over and travel stories the guidebooks can’t tell.

If you are looking for some travel inspiration, look to these top travel blogs and the travel bloggers to help plan those future trips.


Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is the largest and most well known travel bloggers, having built a community of travelers and travel bloggers that visit his site for advice and inspiration. Matt, the blogger behind the travel blog, has traveled around the world, written numerous books about traveling, taught other travelers how to start travel blogs of their own, and is dedicated to helping everyone travel well on a budget.


Nero and Me

No longer is it necessary to leave your beloved pet behind, as Nero and Me documents on a travel blog all about backing the world with a dog in tow. This travel blog is a great resource for anyone that desires to see the world with a dog or cat along for the ride. Practical and useful information is offered for a wide variety of destinations, as well as practical tips for traveling with a pet.


Y Travel Blog

Families and short term travelers will love the travel advice and information found on Y Travel Blog, a blog written by a couple that now travels with their children. Family travel accounts for the majority of travel taken by individuals, and this experienced family of travelers has lived through pretty much every travel situation that you might find yourself in all around the world.


Hand Luggage Only

A blog written by two guys, Hand Luggage Only, encourages readers to just get out and see the world for themselves, even if it is local. The beautiful photography and simply laid out excursions are enough to make you want to pack a hand bag and head out the door to see and experience each destination for yourself- which is the goal of the travel blog. Follow them for quick and easy travel destinations, as well as trendy spots to try once you get there.