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Many people decide to save money by having a “staycation” rather than going away. It is important to make sure that this time is not spent doing the same old stuff. There are a few things that can be done to ensure that one leaves their staycation feeling as rested and relaxed as they would coming back from an actual trip.


Prepare the Staycation Before it Begins

It can be hard to fool the brain into behaving differently when staying in the same environment. There are many things that can be done to give a home a hotel-vibe. Indulge in favorite treats and take the time to get deep cleaning done beforehand. Also, be sure to set an “out-of-office” email auto-response to avoid interruptions.


Decide on a Type of Staycation

Time can easily be wasted if a staycation does not begin at least a loose plan. It is a good idea to choose a theme when doing preliminary planning. People who like to eat at new restaurants should try to replicate that in their hometown, for example. Or a more adventurous vacationer may find local activities to participate in.


Make Memories

A staycation deserves a place in the scrapbook or photo album. Take fun pictures of the activities that take place during this time. Avoid the typical selfies or pics of the cat or dog for the staycation. It is also a good idea to buy a souvenir or two. It could be from the gift shop of a local attraction or something as simple as a new swimsuit to lay out in the sun in.


Get Away (But Not Too Far!)

With the rise of things like Airbnb it is now easy to stay close to home while also experiencing a new way of living. Simply having a different place to sleep and chill can make the staycation more meaningful. For some people, putting more distance between themselves and their normal life is essential. Anyone who ends up staying more than 100 miles away from their normal residence for a day or more is encouraged to look into travel insurance. This will protect assets and help make the time more enjoyable.